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We are AI-powered smart lottery management solution to provide robust technical infrastructure to track lottery sales in stores and marts.

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Lottery Management

Our innovative Lottery Ticket Management Web Solution is designed to streamline the entire process, offering a user-friendly platform that ensures accuracy, security, and convenience.

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In the dynamic world of retail, enhancing lottery sales requires a strategic approach that combines innovation, customer engagement, and operational efficiency.

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Lucky Vaults, as an online lottery inventory management software, offers several key services aimed at streamlining operations and enhancing user experience.

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At Lucky Vaults, we understand that navigating the world of lotteries should be an enjoyable experience. That's why we've crafted a comprehensive solution to enhance every aspect of your lottery journey.

Custom Lottery Screene

Create your own lottery screen as per your store, manage themes,and add your store logo.

Sales Management

Manage and track your daily sales digitally.

Increase sales conversion

Digital display helps you convert your lottery sales efficiently.

Auto-sync with state data

Get pre-loaded data of all lotteries live in your state.

Live lottery with 99.9% uptime

Get live status of ongoing lottery on display screen, synchronized with inventory.

Mounted Lottery Display

Free up counter space, display more lottery tickets, and sell more impulse items

Some of our happy customers

What customer say about Lucky Vaults

" This lottery back office application has transformed our operations. The intuitive design and powerful features make managing our lottery business a breeze!"

- Sndexpress

" We've seen a significant boost in productivity since implementing this back office application. The detailed analytics and smooth transaction processing have elevated our business operations."

- Om Food Mart

" The security measures in this lottery back office application provide peace of mind. Our transactions are safe, and our customers trust us more than ever. "

- Harvest Market

" Kudos to the developers of this back office application! It's user-friendly, efficient, and has given us the tools to stay ahead in the competitive lottery market. "

- Shopngo

Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions about Lucky Vaults

Lucky Vaults is a AI-based tool which helps the stores to show synced lottery data with current slot number and lottery serial no. on web platform.

You'll likely need to provide some basic personal information to register for an account. This may include your name, email address, and a password.Then you need to setup the store.

You just need to scan the tickets using barcode scanner.

You will track inventory of pack that are used,not used or sold out.

Yes, Lucky Vaults Lottery System is AI-based platform designed with perception of global service provider. We are synced with all the data availabe with state.

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